Rudy from Hendersonville, NC "You folks make a superior wad that I have highly recommended to both family and friends."
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Spencer from Canada
Hello, I’m emailing you guys today just to let you know how incredibly high quality your products are. I come from a family where quality is what matters, my dad taught me that from a young age. So naturally you guys are an essential for me, the fact that you guys make such high quality stuff is a god send, I will be a return customer forever. I can’t emphasize how much I love your products, such attention to detail and craftsmanship, the best on the market. --- Spencer from St. Albert, AB, Canada
Tom from IL
Thank you for the samples. I tried them out and the pattern was great. I used the rest at skeet and found them to work very well. I recently took delivery of 5,000, so I am hooked. --- Tom from St. Charles, IL
Sanjay from KY
Just wanted to say thank you for the sample. I'm well into my first full bag and these light little rounds have been tearing up some targets at the league every week. Wonderful product! --- Sanjay from Louisville, KY
Dave from NY
Dave from Olean, NY on the CB0175-12 "These wads are the best thing since apple pie. At 16yds they smoke targets if I do my part."
Ron from WA
Ron, I just wanted to say thank you for the two samples you provided. I finally had a chance to pattern and velocity test all the loads I had with the samples. I liked the initial test performance so much I actually bought more of them to do more testing. I compared them right next to my known Remington and Winchester wads in five different hulls, three different shot sizes, three different primers, and at least five different powders. I am a Claybuster customer now without a question. I can buy twice the number of wads with always equal and at times better patterns with no velocity loss. It's a no brainer with today’s component costs. --- Ron from Brewster, WA

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