Robert from Coraopolis, PA "The CB6118-12 wads you sent worked absolutely spectacular in those Activ hulls. They ran perfect in my Spolar with no adjustments needed. The crimp was text book and the shot patterned perfectly."
Joe from WI

My reason for writing this morning is to thank you for the amazing customer service. There are a lot of companies out there that could take lessons from you guys. I'm of the age where customer service still means something in a world where it doesn't seem to matter. I would hope that our company treats it's customers the way you treat yours. I would like to reward you by starting to buy my supplies directly from you, but I guess I'll have to start buying from one of your distributors. From now on, all the 20 gauge & 410 wads will be Claybuster. Thanks for taking the time yesterday. --- Joe from Appleton, WI



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