John Mulkerin - "Keep up the good work producing the finest wads in the industry. They are the best wads I have ever used in my 50 years of reloading."

CB1118-12 Testimonials

Drew from Coraopolis, PA
I have been using your CB1118-12 for a while (about 20,000 reloads!) and have had great results with it.
Armand from Glenville, NY
The samples you provided along with the literature arrived - thank you again. I have used them and was impressed at the quality and product consistency. Impressed so much so, I just now returned from a local reload/gun shop with four 500 bags of your Claybuster 12 gauge product. You have a newly acquired customer - thanks again for the technical support and product sample.
Bill from Green Valley, AZ
My wife is very pleased with her new loads. In the past she has shot my loads at 1 1/8 oz. She is much happier shooting 7/8 oz and is still smoking them at 16 yds. I have now gone to your CB1118-12 and find them just as good from 16 to 27 yds. as factory wads. Many thanks.


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