John Mulkerin - "Keep up the good work producing the finest wads in the industry. They are the best wads I have ever used in my 50 years of reloading."

CB1078-20 Testimonials

Ron from WA
I just wanted to say thank you. There are still people who appreciate quality and won’t compromise on discount shells. We are some of those people and your products are quality and affordable.
Jim from Rochester, NY
Jim from Rochester, NY "I've been using your CB-1100 & CB-1078 wads for years. Thank you for great products!"
Elmo from Nipomo, CA
Loaded, shot, and chronographed all the samples. I ordered 2 cases of your wads already. ! Very happy with your company.
Jim from Bozeman, MT
I finally had an opportunity to try out the 20 gauge wads. I was very impressed with both the 1075-20 and the 1078-20. The 7/8oz work like a champ- after shooting them I purchased a case of 5000 from our gun club. I also talked my 2 shooting partners into getting cases on order for their 20's (I have a lot of reloading to do now!!!!) I thank you for producing an excellent product at a reasonable price!
Chip from W. Barnstable, MA
Received the sample of the new 20 gauge 3/4 oz. wads.The wads were a perfect replacement for the 1078-20, and no adjustments had to be made to the machine as far as wad pressure or crimp. Thanks for the samples, and thanks for keeping shooters needs in the forefront of your manufacturing.
Shawn from Weeping Water, NE
I bought a bag of the 20 gauge 7/8 oz. Winchester style after I loaded up the sample pack you sent me, and they are loading up nicely! Thanks, and keep up the good work!


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