CB0175-12 Testimonials

Richard from Omaha, NE
I wanted to thank you for sending those samples of your CB0175-12 wads. I look forward to trying them. This example of good old-fashioned customer service has assured you of my business in the future. I've used your CB1100-12 wads for years, and I will go out of my way to use your wads for the various shot weights that I load. Good customer service is rare enough these days; thanks again for your courtesy.
Tom from St. Charles, IL
Thank you for the samples. I tried them out and the pattern was great. I used the rest at skeet and found them to work very well. I recently took delivery of 5,000, so I am hooked.
Sanjay from Louisville, KY
Just wanted to say thank you for the sample. I'm well into my first full bag and these light little rounds have been tearing up some targets at the league every week. Wonderful product!
Dave from Olean, NY
"These wads are the best thing since apple pie. At 16yds they smoke targets if I do my part."
Elmer from OR
I loaded these wads in AA shells, Win primers and 16.9 grains of H-Clays. The crimp was nice and crisp. I shot these in a Browning Citori Lightning, a pretty heavy O/U and all shots reset the trigger for the second shot. The shells Broke clays fine with an IC and LF choke. I will be ordering these wads to load for Skeet. Thank you for the chance to try these wads.
Joe from Maryville, IL
I love the CB0175-12 for shooting skeet. By going to 3/4 oz loads I have to be more accurate and have been able to accomplish that. I love the lighter loads. Keep up the good work.
Tom from Tucson, AZ
Been using your wads for years and when I saw the new 3/4 ounce 12 ga wad I jumped on it. Boy, that wad really grinds up skeet targets in my Beretta with Cyl chokes and reclaimed shot. What a terrific job!! Thanks for your pioneering effort.
Jeff from Blue Bell, PA
I've been slowly switching over all my wads to Claybuster because they are not only less costly, but I believe they are better, more consistent wads than the Winchester brand. I'm ready to take the next step and try a 12 gauge 3/4 oz load. I see you make a special wad for this purpose (CB0175-12). You guys are making a great innovative product!
Carolyn from Wattsville AL
Thank you for the samples! They arrived very quickly and I have already had the chance to load them. I don't know if I am more excited with the 20 ga. or the 12 ga. version, but I do know that I will be placing an order with Grafs for both. These not only worked as I had hoped, but they will serve to save expensive shot and filler wads.

So far I have purchased every wad that I have received samples from Claybuster as they just plain deliver! I don't even know why I feel the need to request samples of your wads anymore, but still am grateful that you offer them.
I'm very happy to support a company that supports their customers not only by offering us samples, but by offering superior products at the lowest possible prices.
JT from Anchorage, AK
I use and like many of your products. I just ordered 5K of your new ¾ 12 ga. From Graf’s.


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